Ethnic Diversity in AOB


Mobile ClinicOur Creator God delights in variety. Consider this real-life scenario: A Filipina doctor and Nigerian doctor fly in to join us. Strolling through our hospital wards they meet Bengali orthopedics technicians, a Tripura medic, a Canadian nurse, a Mru social worker, a Khyang surgical technician, Garo physical therapist, Marma nurse aid, one nurse educator from the USA, one surgeon’s wife from India, and a Bawm gentleman who works in central supplies. Enough examples. You get the picture.

Another ClinicRemember this biblical analogy: As the human body with its varied systems functions in synch, so we as a team function - granted, we don’t always work in synch - but we’re leaning in and learning. We’re not perfect as individuals or as we merge. But we’re realizing that God Who planned this can make it work well.

Granted, there are cross-cultural clashes: Americans tend to be task-oriented while Bengalis are relationship-oriented. Western cultures value bold, direct communication; people in the East communicate delicately and indirectly. We all have different concepts of hospitality, and of time and planning. Some of us prefer privacy; others long for inclusion. Living healthily and cross-culturally requires us to be others-centered, not self-centered.

We stay alert. We seek mentors. We discuss. We pray. We apologize. We forgive. We learn to love with growing insight. And Jesus concludes the matter with this essential word: “They’ll know you are Christians by your love.”

So, yes, our Creator God delights in variety. Let’s be glad for that. Think of foods bursting with flavors sweet and sour, spicy and salted. Consider animals large and small, plants towering and microscopic, colors in every hue. The same Creator God created us individuals with unique personalities, appearance, and story. We grew up in different cultures with different values. And then, He Who is all-wise and purposeful, and wants to bring unity to this diversity placed us together in Bangladesh.