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  • Sponsor a Child
  • Non-formal Education: “Light of Learning” Literacy Program
  • Adopt a Village! Build a School!:
    Sponsor a village school for $50/month
  • Pastoral Training Seminars and Tribal Bible conference:
    Since many tribal pastors are illiterate or barely able to read, good Bible teaching is rare. We provide solid training by holding seminars for pastors and Bible conferences for all believers. The cost is only about 60 cents a day per participant. You can sponsor a pastors’ training conference for $250 or a Bible Conference for $400. It is amazing to consider that you can sponsor a conference for 70 pastors for about what it would cost you to attend one yourself.
  • Tribal Bible School
    • Residential program:
      The cost to run the residential program of the Tribal Bible school for 15 students is only $6,000 per year. That is only $400 per student! You can underwrite the cost of one student or the entire school.
    • Mobile Bible School:
      Extension programs, called Mobile Bible schools, are offered in two tribal villages each year. The cost of each extension is $1,000 which amounts to only $50 per student for a year of Bible training.
  • Adopt a Village! Build a School!:
    • You can sponsor a Bengali or tribal village school for only $50 per month. Bengali village schools use AOB’s Light of Learning literacy curriculum. Your gift would provide a teacher’s salary and on-going training as well as school materials for each student.
    • Tribal village schools, presently 70 of them, are run in partnership with the Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches. The village provides rice and a house for the teacher as well as a bamboo school building. Your sponsorship provides training and a small salary for the teacher, school supplies and an agricultural training project.

Sponsor a Child: Banshkhali Childcare Project

Invest in the life of a child! The dividends are eternal!
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14


• Approximately 1/2 of 140 million people in Bangladesh are under 15 years of age.
• The literacy rate is only 58%. Most of the parents cannot read or write.
• There is extreme poverty. Average annual per capita income is $280.
• Many children in Bangladesh do not attend school. Many drop out after Class 5 because of the expense or the student needs to help earn a living for the family.
• This program works directly with churches, ministering to the whole community. Each student will write letters twice a year through the coordinator and a picture will be sent to the sponsor as well.


• $22 monthly will provide:
• daily tutoring (a necessary part of the school system)
• a nourishing meal
• school fees for 12 months, exam fees 3x yearly
• books, school uniform and umbrella, paper and pens at cost
• medical care
The monthly support covers basic tutor and caregiver salaries at each center, teaching aids and supplies. One-time gifts are needed to cover director’s salary, office expenses, purchase and upkeep of motorcycle to be used to oversee the various centers, and setting up of centers with furniture, lights, and fans.


You can! If you are an individual, a member of a family, Sunday School class, Christian school class, youth group, ladies’ fellowship, or church, you can sponsor a student, a family or a tutorial center. Join our team. Sponsor a Bengali child and you will change a life. Check AMG’s website at or email them at Ask for a pamphlet that explains how to sponsor a child of Bangladesh. Mention the Banshkhali Childcare Project.

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Sponsor a Child: Hebron Childcare Project

The rolling Chittagong Hill Tracts are home to many tribal people groups like the Tripura, Mru and Marma peoples. They are hunters and subsistence farmers as their ancestors were hundreds of years ago. Yet their old way of life is no longer viable due to Bangladesh’s rapid population increases and government restrictions. Tribal people groups do not have the tools they need to survive in a modern world. Most of them are illiterate. Few villages have schools, so most of these tribal children have no access to education.

The Hebron Childcare Project enables tribal children from distant school-less villages to stay in our Christian boarding center and to attend school through the high school level. In addition to normal school subjects, they learn to read and write in their mother tongue, receive Bible training, health teaching and free medical care. They also learn permanent hillside gardening techniques that will allow them to make a living within their changing culture.

After graduating, students return to their homes equipped to provide teaching and leadership within their village and their church. Some have become teachers in small village primary schools. Others study more to become pastors and church leaders. Still others are becoming medical professionals to provide care and teaching to their people.

The Hebron Childcare Project is directed by the Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches in partnership with Association of Baptists and AMG. For only $22 per month, you can sponsor a tribal child and you will change a life. You can check AMG’s website at or email them at Ask for a pamphlet that explains how to sponsor a child of Bangladesh. Mention the Hebron Childcare Project.

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